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Night Com
2A LED 6.6" 2 AA batteries
1 blade knife non-locking
Locking 1 blade pocket knife
2 blade pocket knife
3 blade pocket knife
4 blade pocket knife
Lock back knife with sheath
Fixed blade (Hunting) knife
Fishing / Filet knife
Knife Gift set
Swiss Army knife
Sharpening aids
Belt sheaths & pocket pouch
Multi-purpose tools
Small Pocket Tool up to 2-5/8"
Medium Tool 2-3/4" to 3-15/16"
Large Tool & sheath 4" and up
MAG-lite Flashlights
2A - Two AA batteries - 5-3/4"
3A - Two AAA batteries - 5"
SOL - One AAA battery - 3-1/4"
C Cell - 2 to 6 C cell batteries
D Cell - 2 to 6 D cell batteries
MAG Rechargeable flashlight
MAG Flashlight accessory
Flashlight belt sheath / holder
Display cases & boxes
Individual glass top display box
Large collection display case
Solid wood box
Denim display box
Mounting plaque
Lapel pins
Safety Award
Service Award
Safe Driver Award
Saw / Saw set / Game Cleaning
Axe / Shovel / Shears
Tire Gauge/LED lights/Keychain
Zippo Products
Zippo Engravable Lighters
Zippo Golf tools
Zippo Miscellaneous Items
Zippo Money Clip Knives
Camillus Kitchen Cutlery
StreamLight Flashlights
Stylus - 3 AAAA batteries 6.21"
StreamLight, Jr. - 2 AA - 5.6"
Stinger - Rechargeable
Stinger XT - Rechargeable
Stinger HP - Rechargeable
Stinger XT HP - Rechargeable
PolyStinger - Rechargeable
UltraStinger - Rechargeable
KeyMate - 4 button - 2.36"
Task / Twin Task- 2D, 3C, 3AA
SL Series - Nickel cadmium
ProPolymer - 2 AA, 4 AA, 3C
Scorpion - 2 Lithium - 4.9"
Syclone - 4 AA & Rechargeable
Survivor - Nickel cadmium
Vulcan / Fire Vulcan - Recharge
LiteBox - Rechargeable - 11.5"
ClipMate - 3 AAA - 3.5"
Septor - 3 AAA - 2.75"
Trident - 3 AAA - 2.75"
TopSpot - 4 AA Alkaline - 6.5"
WOW - 2 AA Alkaline - 5"
BatonLite - 3 N Alkaline - 5.5"
CuffMate - Dual L.E.D. - 3.25"
Tactical Series - gun attaching
StreamLight Accessories
Customization Services
Knife Blade Etching - Free
Laser Engraving-wood/stainless
Diamond Engrave - Stainless
Rotary Engrave-plastic handles
Epoxy Pad Print - 50 piece min.
Custom Master Set-up
Combos with Flashlight
Pocket Knife & Flashlight
Swiss Army Knife & Flashlight
Large Lockback & Flashlight
Small Multi-tool & Flashlight
Large Multi-tool & Flashlight
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Thursday, December 05, 2019  

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SL-22011 click for details
18650 Charging Kit

SL-22058 click for details
STREAMLIGHT 120V AC Wall Adaptor for USB Stylus Pro USB and Clip Mate USB.

SL-33202 click for details
SL-33202, StreamLight 3C LED ProPolymer yellow engineering grade polymer case with thermoplastic grip without alkaline batteries. Includes 10 white LEDs. 85 LUMENS, 336 hrs run time. Blister packaged. Intrinsically safe.
Overall Length: 8.55 in.

SL-33302 click for details
SL-33302, StreamLight 3C LED ProPolymer black engineering grade polymer case with thermoplastic grip without alkaline batteries. Includes 10 white LEDs. 85 LUMENS. Blister packaged. Intrinsically safe.
Overall Length: 8.55 in.

SL-51006 click for details
3 AA C4 LED Task Light - black anodized aluminum - 3 AA volt alkaline batteries included - C4 LED ( B1600 95 LUMENS 16 hours continuous shine time. 8.6" long.
Overall Length: 8.6 in.

SL-51036 click for details
Twin-Task 1L LED - C4 Center LED spot 240 Lumens - Runs 2.5 hours. 200 Lumens spot/flood - 4 hours, flood 60 lumens 5.75 hrs Powered by one 3V CR123A lithium, anodized aluminum body.
Overall Length: 4.24 in.

SL-51037 click for details
Twin-Task 2L LED - C4 Center LED spot350 Lumens - Runs 4 3/4 hours. 230 Lumens spot/flood - 5 3/4 hours, flood 75 lumens9.75 hrs Powered by two 3V CR123A lithium anodized aluminum body.
Overall Length: 5.67 in.

SL-51038 click for details
Twin-Task 3AA LED - C4 Center LED spot 270 Lumens - Runs 11 hours. 240 Lumens spot/flood - 12 hours, flood 75 lumens 25 hrs Powered by 3 AA batteries, anodized aluminum body.
Overall Length: 8.75 in.

SL-51039 click for details
Twin-Task 3C LED - C4 Center LED spot 435 Lumens - Runs 16 hours. 190 Lumens spot/flood - 19 hours, flood 95 lumens 46 hrs Powered by 3C-CELL batteries, anodized aluminum body.
Overall Length: 8.93 in.

SL-51043 click for details
Twin-Task 3AAA LED LASER POINTER - C4 Center LED(2,000 candela peak intensity) 100 Lumens - Runs 2.75 hours and 5 ultra-bright white LED(800 candela peak intensity). 68 Lumens - Runs 5. hours. Powered by three AAA Alkaline batteries.
Overall Length: 5.38 in.

SL-51045 click for details
Twin-Task 3C LED - C4 LED(3,730 candela) 185 Lumens - Runs 27 hours and 3 ultra-bright white UV LED (30 MW) Runs 81hours. 6 white UV LED(44 MW) Runs 63 hours.
Overall Length: 9.02 in.

SL-51046 click for details
Night Com 51056. Uv Tailcap switch system. Combination C4 UV LED and 6 LED's 5.43" long, 5.44 ozs.
Overall Length: 5.4 in.

SL-51056 click for details
Streamlight Night Com 51056. Tailcap switch system. Combination C4 LED and 3 LED's Red 5.43" long, 5.44 ozs.
Overall Length: 5.43 in.

SL-61052 click for details
Septor with alkaline batteries. Rubbel and elastic strapes - Yellow
Overall Length: 11.5 in.

SL-61100 click for details
SL-61100, StreamLight ClipMate yellow thermoplastic LED clip on flashlight with white LEDs and 3AAA alkaline batteries. Includes 360 degree clip attachment and elastic head strap. 120 hours continuous shine. 3.5" Long. Imported.
Overall Length: 3.5 in.

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